A universal DAO with CORE's permanent liquidity mechanics that will provide sustainable rewards.

DAO’s have taken the cryptocurrency market by storm

  • DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: The community has voted on forking YFMB into MBCORE. If you have not yet swapped your tokens, please send your YFMB tokens to the following address 0xd87894a287E846575e81fD211210b33cF0a8Bef3 in order to perform a 1:1 swap. Please visit our Discord for any questions.
  • MBCORE is built with a sustainable reward system and deflationary tokenomics, leading to increasing scarcity as time goes on.

The Foundation of MBCORE

MBCORE is a community led and governed project. Users can create proposals, vote, and farm MBCORE with LP tokens.

Community Led

MBCORE has no central authority figure, and its rules are determined solely by the users and their votes ($MBCORE), which can additionally be used to govern and shape the future of the platform.

Locked Liquidity

MBCORE-ETH LP tokens will be locked forever, helping provide a pool of support liquidity in Uniswap at all times.


Those who wish to earn MBCORE inside the LP vaults, will be able to do so with MBCORE-ETH LP tokens.


MBCORE utilizes stable and sound economics to ensure the longevity of the ecosystem.

Team allocation is not to be immediately considered as circulating supply

160,000 (Post-burn) MBCORE

Max supply


Initial Supply

10,000 MBCORE

Liquidity Allocation

10,000 MBCORE

Dev/Foundation Allocation (used for marketing, giveaways, and more)

Frequently Asked Questions

Look below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Information on the mission, tokenomics, and roadmap of MBCORE are detailed below.

  • What is MBCORE?

    YFMOONBEAM is a decentralized autonomous organization with important focus placed on sustainable rewards and the participation and governance of its users.

  • The MBCORE token can be utilized in a variety of ways either through the governance dashboard or farming /staking dashboard. Users can lock tokens inside of the incubator and be rewarded for providing value to the project, or create and vote on proposals from the community.

  • The MBCORE team believes that decentralized finance is the future. In order to create a ecosystem for decentralized consensus protocols, all of the decisions and the direction of the project is decided by the users themselves, who will guide the direction of the platform into the future.

  • MBCORE was created by a multidisciplinary team of developers, traders and analysts who have had experience with a handful of other cryptocurrency projects. Over time, complete control of the token and its functions will be handed over to the community involved in the project. The team has chosen to stay anonymous for the purpose of privacy and decentralization.

  • Max Supply: 160,0000

    Initial Circulating Supply: 160,000 MBCORE

    Team/Marketing: TBD

    75% of team tokens are vested for 16 months. These will be released monthly until the end of the set period is reached.

  • - Create LP staking vault.

    - Launch Governance Platform.

    - Hand over complete control of MBCORE to the community.